“This morning we went to Urgent Care after weeks of working with various alternative practitioners looking for healing for my leg. I had a lump on my shin that was growing and shooting pains in the nerves from my knee to the tips of my toes. My entire leg was numb and I couldn’t put weight on it without fear of it collapsing. The doctor asked our concerns and we shared them. He assured me I wouldn’t lose my leg but he had no idea what was going on. He offered me some steroids to reduce the swelling and that was it. My husband suggested we contact Jessica (he had found her on the web over the weekend). I emailed Jessica and she was able to see me two hours after I left Urgent Care. The pain and swelling was significantly worse by the time I walked into her office. Almost immediately I felt calmer and more hopeful just by the way she sat down with my husband and me in the lobby and talked through everything with us. I went in for a one hour treatment and I walked out of the treatment room without any mental, emotional, energetic or physical pain. The lump on my leg was gone, the bruising has dissipated, and I’m feeling much more grounded. Thank you Jessica!!!! I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have found you and are looking forward to experiencing and sharing with others many more sessions.”
— Collen, Client From Charlotte
“I think Jessica is by far the best massage therapist I have been to. I am always amazed as she instinctively finds the knots in my muscles and releases them without me having to tell her. She just has that magic touch and uses a combination of different techniques on me, including hot-stones. I like her holistic approach and she doesn’t charge any extra for the different modalities. Jessica makes sure your muscles are properly worked-out and relieves the stress and tension from your body. I have told many people about her and all of them come back singing her praises. Jessica is truly gifted and very talented with the ability to help your body relax and heal itself. As I work on a computer every day I try to go at least once a month as it really helps me to see her regularly, and I look forward to receiving her treatments.”
— Jeff Simms, Bank Auditor
“I had a wonderful massage given by Jessica Peach. This was the best I have ever had and I have tried others. I felt so relaxed and loved the hot stones. I plan to go to her from now own even though there are many more closer to me.”
— Ann, Austin Client
“I am living proof of Jessica Peach’s God given talents! Using neuromuscular massage therapy and Reiki, she is releasing the natural elements my body needs to heal itself. Besides having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia due to Post Polio Syndrome, a year ago I was also diagnosed with Central Pontine Myelinolysis. Because of salt depletion in my system, I now have a “dead zone” in the back left side of my brain at the top of my spinal cord. Until Jessica, it was deemed incurable. When I told her of my need to reduce my brain’s swollen condition, Jessica studied CPM on the Internet before administering any treatment. Most of the time, the prognosis of CPM is death. This horrible disease made me become delusional to the point I was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward for three weeks. Until a MRI proved this problem was physical not psychological I was administered terrible drugs which did not mix with my system. My body was on a steady spiral downward until my best friend sent me Jessica’s card. After our first therapy session “in my home,” my increased strength was noticeable. Before this treatment, I could not walk up or down my front staircase without aide of a cane or human. Now I don’t use a cane nor do I need to hold on to anyone or anything to use my steps. My mental stability gains strength everyday as does my ability to do simple housework such as wash clothes or load my dishwasher. Until Jessica Peach, my life was over. As God works through her, my health is coming back in leaps and bounds! I look forward to our continuation of this healing process and then maintenance of my body! My future is brighter as I feel the CFS, FMS, PPS and CPM become controlled.”
— Janet Deaver Molyneaux